Bias Peak LE6
éditeur d'échantillons pour Mac
<span>Bias</span> Peak LE6
Bias Peak LE6
<span>Bias</span> Peak LE6
Bias Peak LE6
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<span>Bias</span> Peak LE6
Bias Peak LE6
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Do you buy CDs or listen to the radio? Go to the movies or play video games? Ever surf the Web No doubt you've heard BIAS Peak at work - because when it comes to serious audio for the Mac, more Hollywood sound designers, music and radio producers, video editors, and other professionals depend on Peak than any other stereo editing application. And now, with Peak LE 6, you get many of Peak Pro's core features at an amazing price.

Take your audio projects to the next level. Deliver superior-quality audio without the learning curve. Based upon Peak Pro, the industry standard professional audio tool, Peak LE combines pro-quality recording, precision editing, creative effects processing, podcast publishing, and Red Book CD burning � all in one easy-to-use application. For professional-quality audio in your iLife projects, vinyl LP/cassette to iPod transfers, dialog editing, soundtrack sweetening, sound design, or music mastering, Peak LE delivers unparalleled value and results.

NEW Features in Peak LE 6
Podcasting � fully-integrated audio podcast publishing, no additional software required
Voiceover Ducking DSP � automatically lowers the music level during a voiceover
iTunes Integration � send audio to iTunes directly from the playlist or document
Extra plug-in insert � supports two simultaneous real-time AU/VST effects/instruments
Record Timer� automates recording stop time
Record Notepad � enters marker cues during recording
Metadata support � read and write "tags" (artist, album, etc.) for major file types
Sleek new user interface � includes global contrast control, magnetic windows, improved meters, hide windows, and more
Record & edit with sample-accurate, professional results
Record/Play 24-Bit/96kHz (HD)
Automatically cuts LP/cassette recordings into tracks
Edit/record in sync with QuickTime & DV clips
Easily arrange takes/tracks with playlist editor
Capture internet/system audio with WireTap Pro (included)
Complete integration with your other media apps
Ideal editing/mastering companion to GarageBand, Final Cut & others
Send audio to iTunes from document or playlist
Drag & drop import/export files
Ensure pristine fidelity and apply creative effects
Apply AU/VST effects/instruments
Over 50 included effects: EQ, Reverb, Compression, Delay, Normalize, Reverse, Change Pitch/Duration, Voiceover Ducking, and more
Deliver as CD, podcast, and more
Burn 100% Red Book CDs with CD-TEXT, DJ Style cross-fades and more
Fully integrated audio podcast publishing
Save as AIFF, .WAV, MP2, MP3, QT, SDII, AAC, FLAC and more
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